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Get on the Bay Bridge. If you don't know how to get to the bridge from where you're at call us and we'll figure it out.

Once you get across, watch the signs for the 24 and get in those lanes. You'll be on the 580 for a little bit and will see another sign for the 24 get into the rightmost lane and follow the sign to the 24. Your exit is almost immediately after you get on the 24 so look sharp. You want the 51st/MLK exit. When you get off there try and stay in the midle lane so you don't get forced onto MLK.

Turn right onto 51st, drive 1 1/2 blocks to Telegraph and turn left. Take Telegraph all the way to Ashby (around 1.5 miles) and turn left. Our house is down about a block and a half on the right. You might find the map for From BART helpful for the last couple of blocks.

BART North South East West Airport