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First, print out the map below.

The most important thing to remember is to turn LEFT after you go through the exit turnstile. We cannot be held responsible for any junk you buy at the Ashby fleamarket on the other side. If you just passed the elevator, turn around, you went right.

Now that you're out of the station you can pick a route. Either take the stairs up to Adeline (the station is built underneath Adeline) then walk up to Ashby and turn right, or take the scenic route. For the scenic route either walk up the sidewalk to Woolsey or follow everybody else and cut across the parking lot, there are some stairs in the left corner that let you at across from Prince St. (it's a little bit to your right). Both Woolsey and Prince will take you right to Deakin St. Turn left on Deakin and walk to Ashby; you'll see the house.

2231 Ashby Avenue

BART North South East West Airport