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Driving up from the south, you'll be on the 880 up until you get to Downtown Oakland. Keep an eye out for signs for 980 and merge off onto the 980 when it comes up (the 980 starts here so you can go wrong). The 980 turns into the 24, as soon as it does start watching for the exit for 51st/MLK - get off at that exit. Keep in the right two lanes so you don't accidentally end up on MLK instead of 51st. Take a right onto 51st, you're going to turn left in two blocks so get over into the left lane when you can. Turn left onto Telegraph (there's a turn lane and a turn light - it's easy). Drive for about a mile or so to Ashby and turn left, we're about a block down. When you see the big Whole Foods, that's Ashby. You might find the map for From BART helpful for the last couple of blocks.

Here's a mostly useless map though if you know the streets it does show where you're going (our house is between the L and the last E in Berkeley):

[East Bay Map]

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